Jac White, 

3rd Year Social Work Student

Presented: "Disability Art as Pedagogical: Exploring a Relational Aesthetic of (Inter)Dependence"  

-ARTeries 2017

Presenting at ARTeries 2017 was a fantastic experience. From the submission to the presenter’s workshop through to the end of the day of the conference, the process was an incredible learning opportunity. With the support of the ARTeries team, I was able to showcase my research and share my passion for the activist and pedagogical power of disability art. I was also very grateful for the space to listen to and critically engage with students’ creative and important presentations. The interdisciplinary focus allowed for participation in meaningful dialogue that will inform my future academic and professional practice. Now, as a committee member, I am very excited to be working with a dynamic team committed to making ARTeries 2018 excellent.

Jay Dittburner,

Ryerson Graduate

Presented "A New Theory of Justice" -ARTeries 2017

Presenting at the ARTeries conference was a great educational experience and I feel privileged I was able to present at the conference. It bolstered my self-esteem as an academic student and really made me feel that my studies were going somewhere, that they had a real-world application. The support of my peers and educations during the conference was amazing and made me really feel like a professional. It helped me get over my feel of talking in public and gave me the confidence to strive for greater academic excellence. The conference was run smoothly and professionally, with many wonderful volunteers putting countless hours of work into its success.

Brook Pickering graduated from Ryerson University in June 2017 with a B.A. in Sociology. She started working on the ARTeries Committee in September of 2013 as the Internal Communications Director. She then volunteered as the Chair and Finance Manager for the conference from 2014-2017. Working on the ARTeries Conference, allowed Brook to take on projects she might not have otherwise had the chance to do. As the Finance Manager Brook worked on budgets and finding applications, as the Chair she learned to work with different personalities that better prepared her for the work environment. Being part of the ARTeries Conference was one of the most valuable university experiences for Brook. As many of the skills she now uses in her job as a Portfolio Administrator were developed and refined from her time with ARTeries.

Brook Pickering,

Ryerson Graduate

Former ARTeries Chair and Financial Director


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