The 12th annual Research Conference will be held on March 25th, 2019 in

the Sears Atrium




Presented: "A Guiding Force Towards a Better Tomorrow: An Analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Within its Historical Context"

-ARTeries 2017

"The ARTeries conference was an excellent event for me to showcase my academic work. It gave me some insight into how the professional field of Academia functions, and prepared me for the defense of my work against my fellow peers as well as professors. I learned how to orally present my essay, and how to make the content of my work more relatable to the general public. The ARTeries executive team was exceedingly accommodating to all of my needs, and provided outstanding support in terms of how to present my academic work."

“Presenting a research paper at last year's ARTeries conference was an outstanding opportunity that enriched my undergraduate experience. As an undergraduate student at the time, I was able to strengthen my public speaking skills and learn how to engage with an audience, all while presenting original research about a topic that I was passionate about. As a current MA student, presenting at ARTeries helped me prepare me for seminar presentations in graduate school and I was able to experience first-hand what presenting at an academic conference was like in a supportive, student-led environment. Attending the conference and hearing other student presenters share their ideas also allowed me to learn more about the different research areas that students at Ryerson were passionate about. Whether you are considering graduate school or are an undergraduate interested in sharing your ideas, I highly encourage you to submit a paper to ARTeries and to attend this year's conference to support undergraduate research at Ryerson.”


Presented at ARTeries 2015


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